WARNING: Here's what everyone who's concerned about protecting their immune system needs to know.

Introducing C60 Complete: The World's Most Powerful Immune Support Supplement

A patented and scientifically proven combination of 3 of the world's healthiest ingredients known.

A Stronger Immune System is the Answer.  And Nothing is Stronger than C60 Complete.  
  • ​​172x more potent than Vitamin C: Toxins from our environment form free radicals that cause oxidative stress to healthy cells, paving the way to many health problems. C60 Complete works by finding and neutralizing free radicals, decreasing inflammation in the body and improving overall health.
  • ​Created by NASA scientists: C60 Complete was created after 8 years of research by NASA/JPL trained scientists. The result is an ultra-pure product with acclaimed ingredients, bonded in a unique process to optimize performance and bioavailability.  
  •  Helps fight oxidative stress and chronic diseases: The key to why C60 Complete works boils down to it’s ability to eliminate oxidative stress. Due to modern environmental pollutants and bad habits, our bodies are fighting oxidative stress all day long. But once oxidative stress is taken care of, the body is able to realign its resources to heal itself naturally, as it was designed to do.   
  • ​With over 28,000 positive effects cited in published research on the ingredients found in C60 Complete, it is the ultimate answer to support your immune system and revitalize your health.

Organic Oils

Made with 100% certified organic Black Seed Oil and Curcumin


Proudly made in the USA. 99.99% pure C60 with maximum concentration.


Carbon 60 (C60)

C60 works as the world's most efficient free radical scavenger - a whopping 172x stronger in antioxidant properties in comparison to Vitamin C.

Black Seed Oil

Blackseed is one of the most therapeutic oils we are able to bond the C60 and Curcumin today. A natural ingredient with over 600 studies on its potential use in modern medicine including: protecting against liver damage, decreasing high blood pressure, and managing digestive conditions.


Curcumin has many powerful medicinal properties. A primary component of turmeric, it is notable in its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-diabetic properties. 

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Dara M.

Hi! I received my order very quickly within days of placing the order. It was carefully packaged. I have been using your C60 for about a week, and at this point, I feel that it is much more effective than the product I had purchased through Amazon. As soon as I opened the C60, I noticed it was more of an amber color rather than dark brown and I noticed your company's C60 had a better flavor, but I’m not sure why they are both in olive oil? Anyway, loved the quick service and the product.

J. Ron Hennings

With C60, I have been able to discontinue a decade-long use of three diabetic medications, each of which brought life-threatening complications. This has enabled me to live medication free

Mike N.

Don't buy the less quality product tainted with solvents. I have tried them from many other sources and C60live is superior in my personal testing. 65 years and looking and feeling younger in every way. Amazing!

Karla Felter

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your C60/black seed gel capsules & how very much I appreciated the expedited shipping! Your company is my go-to-guys for this quality product for as long as it is offered & available. Thank you once again, as I am most pleased.
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